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"A new approach in dealing with family problems"


"A fresh approach to dealing with family problems on separation or divorce".

We are a group of Solicitors, Mediators, IFAs, Accountants and Counsellors dedicated to helping you resolve your family problems upon separation or divorce and with the aim of assisting you to reach an amicable and fair agreement when a relationship sadly breaks down.

We recognise the benefits to divorcing and separating couples and their children of working together in a way which helps you to establish a new type of relationship for the benefit of the whole family as a separated couple or separated parents.

Where you have children, we will help you to put their needs first.

Whatever difficulties you face; our members are here to present all of the options to you completely neutrally so that you can make an informed choice. Our members will then support you through the divorce or separation process.

All of our Family Lawyers are members of Resolution, which is a national Solicitors Association and which promotes a non-confrontational and conciliatory approach to family law. You can find out more about Resolution by clicking on this link http://www.resolution.org.uk/

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