"A new approach in dealing with family problems"

Solicitor Negotiations

Even if you have decided that Mediation or Collaborative practice is not for you, and they are not for everyone, we can negotiate calmly and sensibly with the solicitor for the other person. We all agree to work to a Code which encourages a conciliatory approach and which discourages being aggressive as this can often make things worse and more difficult to find a solution. We can write letters, have telephone discussions or have meetings, either with the couple or without them. The couple can decide how they want the process to work.

Solicitor negotiation ensures that both people have a voice, that concerns are raised and addressed and that all the necessary information is obtained.

Meetings are a particularly useful way of discussing issues and can save a great deal of time. As Aroundthetable solicitors, we are committed to helping people find solutions quickly, cheaply and amicably.