"A new approach in dealing with family problems"

Therapeutic Services

The end of a relationship can be one of the most difficult times in anyone's life. Dealing with detailed arrangements, including sometimes complex financial issues, at the same time can be even more difficult whilst dealing with the different emotions that are commonly felt at the time of divorce or separation.

Aroundthetable recognize the potential benefits of therapeutic services and we can put you in touch with experienced professionals who can offer a range of services including individual counseling / psychotherapy, couple therapy and family therapy. Highly qualified therapists have years of experience working with individuals, couples and families in a variety of contexts specialising in the areas of divorce and separation, anger management, depression, anxiety, bereavement, addictions, couple / family therapy, relationship issues and child and adolescent related problems.

The therapy service is designed to offer a bespoke service to meet different emotional and psychological needs. You can obtain the details of each therapist to help you choose the one you feel is right is for you and we will support you in thinking about this process.