"A new approach in dealing with family problems"

Privacy Policy

Resolution and SIFA promote the practice of Collaborative Law and offers support via logo and registration on their web-site and data-base, but no practitioner may use the term or the documents without first having trained. Thereafter practitioners are expected to keep up to date through CPD, and are encouraged to keep in touch through their local group (or POD). The support that such a group can offer is vital given the very intense and personal nature of the process.

The initial training generally costs about 1,000 + vat and comprises three exhausting but very rewarding days of role play, discussion, direction and conversation. And excellent lunches. The materials fill a lever arch folder.

A fourth day of training is required within twelve months of completing the initial course. It involves more role play, discussion about experiences so far but with emphasis on the trust and mutual respect that is needed within the profession.

As an echo of our previous comment, for those solicitors hoping to find an amicable settlement to their client's disputes, either financial or regarding the children, the Collaborative Law process has much to offer. We at EKCL heartily encourage our colleagues to take up the challenge that Resolution has given the profession, that is, to change the face and the stress of Family Law practice.

And for Other Professionals?....the process provides the opportunity to advise the family as a whole and without the pressure to take one party's point of view; the satisfaction of attending meetings respectfully conducted and knowing that their clients are well informed and understand all the figures.